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Standards for Cataloging recommended by the ALS Cataloging Sub Committee

Required fields (if available) for Creation of New Bibliographic Records:

  • Author (100)
  • Title (245)
  • Standard Number (020, 024, 028) (ISBN, ISSN, Music Number, Publisher number, UPC)
  • Description (300) (Sound Recording, Video Recording, etc.)
  • Edition (250)
  • Call Number
  • Publisher (260)

Making Changes to Shared Bibliographic Records:

  • If there are errors in a bib record, users with access should fix the errors. If users are unsure, contact the Shared System Administrator.
  • All spelling errors and typos can be fixed by anyone. (Keep in mind many contents and other notes have odd spellings and characters). If in doubt, report it to the Shared System Administrator.

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