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I. Cataloging Policies

The purpose of the Arrowhead Library System Library Collection Expenditure Maintenance Policy is to insure that each member library of the system maintains a budgeted amount for library materials in the library’s annual budget. Each library’s annual expenditure for library materials will be equal to the average of the last three full years of library materials expenditures. The first year of the agreement, expenditures for materials will be based on the average of the 2004/2005/2006 expenditures in each library. The annual report of the library will be used to determine the three-year average expenditure.

Each library within the ALS shared automation system will develop and update a collection development policy for use by the library.

Adopted by Shared System Committee
November 15, 2006

The ALS Shared System Administrator will work with supervisors and/or library directors to determine the authorizations that are to be allowed by the library staff for circulation, cataloging, and acquisitions.

The ALS Shared System Administrator will set the authorizations as recommended by the supervisors and/or library directors. The supervisors will be notified of any changes and are responsible for checking to see that the authorizations are set as requested.

Supervisors and/or library directors will notify the ALS shared system coordinator of any staff changes that require changes in authorization. This may include changes in staff duties, additions of staff, retirement of staff, or staff no longer employed by the library.

Only authorized staff will be allowed to load records into the system. Before bibliographic records are loaded, the database must first be searched by Title and Standard Number to see if a matching record already exists. If a matching record already exists, staff should attach items to the bibliographic record. If additions/changes need to be made to the existing bibliographic record, staff must follow the ALS Cataloging Standards policy. The exception is to overlay a non-OCLC/SkyRiver record with an OCLC/SkyRiver record.

If a match is found, but only a brief bib record exists, staff will note the bib number and will use the overlay code in field 949 before downloading the record into the system. Example of the code: *ov=.b12345678;
The asterisk and semi colon are essential and there should be no spaces in the code.

Each library will be responsible for determining who is allowed to transfer attached records. The cataloging supervisors and library directors will notify the ALS Shared System Administrator to establish the appropriate settings for merging records. Staff without the permissions will not be authorized to transfer attached records. Supervisors and Library Directors will be responsible for checking staff permissions to see that they are appropriately assigned.

Required fields (if available) for Creation of New Bibliographic Records:

  • Author (100)
  • Title (245)
  • Standard Number (020, 024, 028) (ISBN, ISSN, Music Number, Publisher number, UPC)
  • Description (3xx) (Sound Recording, Video Recording, etc.)
  • Edition (250)
  • Call Number
  • Publisher (260/264)

Making Changes to Shared Bibliographic Records:

  • If there are errors in a bib record, users with access should fix the errors. If users are unsure, contact the Shared System Administrator.
  • All spelling errors and typos can be fixed by anyone. (Keep in mind many contents and other notes have odd spellings and characters). If in doubt, report it to the Shared System Administrator.
  • Anyone outside of the Cataloging Sub Committee should not delete any fields, but may add fields as needed. Duplicate fields will be managed and deleted by the Cataloging Sub Committee and the Authority Control project.

Adding Records
Before adding a record into the system, staff must search by both Standard Number and Title. If Standard Number does not match, but title, publication information, edition and description match, add the Standard Number in a new 020 field and attach the item record to that bibliographic record. Paperbacks are the exception to this. Paperbacks of the same title may be added to the hardcover edition. This includes both regular and large type paperbacks. All added records need to contain the required fields for new bib records as listed above in the Cataloging Standards.

All barcodes are to be placed on the top right half of the back cover of all circulating items.

In order to ensure that ALS libraries continue to receive new, popular items from distributors on a timely basis, we need to ensure that we are following release date restrictions. When items are sent to the libraries by publishers or distributors before their official release date, please observe the following restrictions:

  • Items should not be checked out until their official release date.
  • Items should not be sent in delivery until their official release date.

If changes are needed to the item locations for your library, please notify the ALS System Administrator. Location codes can be deleted, renamed, and new locations can be created if necessary.

The following guidelines should be used when assigning these material types.

  • Multi-Media – use for video games and other AV materials that do not have their own material type.
  • Kit – use for items with multiple parts (games, toys, books, cds, etc.)
  • 3-D Object – use for toys and games

If a library will be deleting the last copy of an item and holds exist, cancel the hold(s) and queue a hold cancellation notice to be sent. If there are questions about the holds or if a particular library has several patrons with holds, contact the home library to see if they want to purchase a copy.

Last Record Deletion Contacts:
Beloit – Roger Dutcher, 608-364-2897 or
Clinton – Mary Bieber, 608-676-5569 or
Edgerton – Sherry Machones, 608-884-4511 or
Eager Free – Megan Kloeckner, 608-882-2260 or
Hedberg – Rebecca Diedrick, 608-758-5816 or
Milton – Stacey Schultz, 608-868-7462 or
Orfordville – Sarah Strunz, 608-879-9229 or

Patron Recommendation/Requests Contacts:
Beloit – Roger Dutcher, 608-364-2897 or
Clinton – Mary Bieber, 608-676-5569 or
Edgerton – Sherry Machones, 608-884-4511 or
Eager Free – Megan Kloeckner, 608-882-2260 or
Hedberg – Rebecca Diedrick, 608-758-5816 or
Milton – Lisa Brooks, 608-868-7462 or
Orfordville – Sarah Strunz, 608-879-9229 or

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