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The changing work landscape and the new needed work skills.

Library Support Staff
Technical Competencies

The term “support staff” encompasses a variety of jobs ranging from shelvers to directors. This list of general technical competencies is not a comprehensive list as some positions require more technical understanding than others. Rather, this list is meant to be used as a guide not only for recruiting and hiring new staff but for current staff training and development. It can also be used as a spring board for new work flow ideas, training and performance evaluation.

Basic Technical Competencies

  • Create, organize and manipulate files and folders on a computer
  • Basic knowledge of library’s email system including sending, replying and forwarding email, and attaching documents
  • Understanding of word processing software to create, retrieve, edit, print and save documents
  • Ability to use print preview and change layout either in a web browser, spreadsheet or word processing program
  • Copy information from one program to another
    • Some programs do not allow right clicks to copy and paste, but do allow keyboard short cuts (copy = ctrl + c, paste = ctrl + v)
  • Ability to access, save and delete information on a removable storage device
  • Ability to find and connect to a wireless connection
  • Ability to find and identify valid information on the internet
    • Identifying the source (Is it an official site? Does it end in .gov or .edu?)
    • How old is the information; can you find an author and date?
  • Ability to download files from the Internet
  • Ability to delete internet search history and temporary internet files
  • Ability to create a bookmark/favorite in a web browser

Shared System Competencies

  • General understanding of shared automation system, Millennium, and the public catalog, RockCat
  • Knowledge of the general structure of Millennium and how bibliographic, item and patron records are organized, related and retrieved
  • Knowledge of the indexes available for searching
  • Knowledge of limiting searches in both Millennium and RockCat
  • Ability to identify and understand location codes in the system
  • Understanding of “My Record” in RockCat, including creating a PIN, viewing current checked out materials, holds, and fines, and renewing materials and placing and cancelling holds

Other Competencies

  • Knowledge of library mission and patron base
  • Knowledge of system and local library policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of library’s role in consortium as a resource-sharing organization
  • Understanding of the library’s role in supporting technologies
  • Understanding of skills and knowledge needed to use equipment available to patrons and ability to train patrons as needed
  • Understanding and demonstration of proper netiquette and the ethical and legal issues/rights associated with electronic records
  • Know how to respond to power or internet failures

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