Child Safe Search Engines & Directories

Compiled by Arrowhead Library System

The following search engines and directories -- designed just for kids -- block out sites that do not meet their specific child-friendly guidelines. Some of these search tools are more restrictive than others. Several are simply directories of pre-selected sites, while others search throughout the World Wide Web filtering out sites that may be pornographic, violent or hate-filled. Try out a few different ones to find out what best suits your needs.

AOL.Com Kids Only - A search engine that links only to sites safe for kids.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
This search engine lets you look for information by asking questions in your own words, like "Why is the sky blue?"

Education World: Where Educators Go to Learn
A huge database of 110,000 sites for teachers and students.

Compiled by librarians for kids, this directory is well organized and easy to use, though not as thorough as the others.

Lycos Kids
A directory of kids' sites.

A closed search engine that requires web sites to meet an editorial policy.

StudyWeb - Now a "pay site"
Need homework help? Look here for 73,000 "research quality" sites.

Yahooligans - A directory of sites for kids.