Stand Up Figures 
For Arrowhead Library System Public Libraries Only

How to reserve stand ups    Care and handling    Why use standups?

7 Superhero Stand ups

IronMan.jpg (64521 bytes)
Iron Man
BlackWidow.jpg (54891 bytes)
Black Widow
Spiderman.jpg (54322 bytes)
Thor.jpg (80491 bytes)
BatmanDarkKnight.jpg (49034 bytes)
Batman - Dark Knight
2 available
CaptainAmerica.jpg (79559 bytes)
Captain America
BlackWidow2.jpg (48468 bytes)
Black Widow 2
Hulk.jpg (97438 bytes)
The Hulk

3 Dr. Who Stand ups (plus Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Tardis.jpg (80347 bytes)
from Dr. Who
DrWho.jpg (18944 bytes)
Dr. Who 
Dalek.jpg (20459 bytes)
Dalek from 
Dr. Who
Raccoon-Guardians.jpg (83657 bytes)
Rocket Raccoon

8 Star Wars Stand ups

R2-D2.jpg (22260 bytes)
3 available
Yoda.jpg (21500 bytes)
DarthVader.JPG (11602 bytes)
Darth Vader
6' 3" tall
Anakin Skywalker.jpg (129924 bytes)
Anakin Skywalker
C3PO.jpg (30725 bytes)
Note: He is currently bearing 
a barely noticeable mustache.
He is scheduled to be 
replaced in 2016.
leia.jpg (16399 bytes)
luke.jpg (54189 bytes)
Luke Skywalker
C3POEpisode1.jpg (36098 bytes)
Episode 1
Poe.jpg (291421 bytes)
(Star Wars - 
The Force Awakens)
Rey.jpg (186758 bytes)
(Star Wars - 
The Force Awakens)
Finn.jpg (191923 bytes)
(Star Wars - 
The Force Awakens)

4 Lord of the Rings Stand Ups

Frodo.JPG (17231 bytes)
4' tall
Gandalf.jpg (29541 bytes)
5' 11" tall
Legolas.JPG (12925 bytes)
5' 10" tall

Frodo Baggins-Sam Gamgee-Merry Brandybuck-Pergrin 'Pippin' Took.jpg (20894 bytes)
Hobbits from 
Lord of the Rings


4 Hollywood Stand ups

Elvis.gif (26396 bytes)
6' 2" tall
Marilyn.JPG (16669 bytes)
Marilyn Monroe
5' 4" tall
StarAward.JPG (17001 bytes)
Golden Award
One 6'
One tabletop 16" tall
Abbot & Costello.jpg (98120 bytes)    
Abbot & Costello

3 Horror Stand ups

Mummy.jpg (21471 bytes)
The Mummy
Dracula.jpg (19674 bytes)
Frankenstein.jpg (13940 bytes)

4 Americana Stand ups

firefighter.JPG (21047 bytes)
5' 11" tall

soldier.JPG (14813 bytes)
6' tall
StatueofLiberty.JPG (13322 bytes)
Statue of Liberty
3 available - 7' tall
Lincoln.JPG (14018 bytes)
3 available - 6' 3" tall

3 Animals and 1 Misc Stand ups

tiger.JPG (19838 bytes)
4' 2" tall
TRex.JPG (33295 bytes)
4 available -
6' 4" tall
CrocodileHunter.JPG (18022 bytes)
Crocodile Hunter
5' 10" tall
Bart Simpson.jpg (37838 bytes)
Bart Simpson
3'3" tall

3 Sports Stand Ups

BrettFavre.JPG (16002 bytes)
Brett Favre
6' 2" tall
Kobe Bryant.jpg (25860 bytes)
Kobe Bryant
We have a standup
for him, but I couldn't find 
an image online.
 Barry-Bonds.jpg (16863 bytes)
Barry Bonds

How to Reserve a Stand Up Figure
1. Make your reservation as soon as you can! Stand ups are available on a first come, first serve basis. 
NOTE: under certain circumstances where demand is high for certain stand ups, a schedule will be worked out to try and meet the needs of all the libraries requesting the stand ups. The 2015 summer library program theme of superheroes is an example of where working out a schedule between the libraries will be necessary.

2. Contact Anita Schultz, 868-2872 or Anita will need to know the day you need it delivered and when you will be done with it. 

3. The delivery van will bring the sign on the day (or before, if possible) you requested it, so take that into consideration when reserving the date.

Care and Handling
1. When setting up the stand up, please be gentle with the tabs so they will last longer.

2. Be sure there is enough room around the stand up so people are not falling over it or bumping it all the time.

3. If you attach a sign, make sure it will come off without destroying the surface of the stand up. (removable tape)

4. Please return it through ALS delivery as soon as possible. They should be broken down and in their plastic bag (if they have one) and their cardboard carrier..

5. Let us know about any damage that needs to be repaired.

Why use one?
1. To draw attention to a special collection, celebrate a holiday, advertise an event, summer library program, etc.

2. I would expect you could overuse them.  They make the biggest impact when they are not around all the time. 

3. Be sure the customers make the connection between the picture and what you are trying to advertise.

4. Put it in a highly visible area with signage (see #2 & #3 of Care and Handling).

Contact me if you want help with ideas.
Martha Gammons, ALS PR Coordinator
868-2872 or