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2017 4-H Fair ALS Booth - Volunteer Sign Up Page
This year's Rock County 4-H Fair is Tuesday, July 25 through Sunday, July 30

We need you! - This is our 16th year at the 4-H Fair!  Our presence at community events like this is important 
and this has been an excellent project to give libraries more visibility. It's lots of fun for the volunteers, too! 

Please check your calendars and sign up today for a shift at the library booth!
Contact Tovah Anderson to volunteer and schedule a shift. 
Email: anderson.tovah@als.lib.wi.us or phone: 608-868-2872.

Please note: About a week prior to the fair, you will receive a free pass to the fair for the day you work and an instructional letter through the ALS delivery system (or by mail if requested).

Volunteer Schedule:

Date Shift 1 (10am-2pm) Shift 2 (2pm-6pm) Shift 3 (6pm-10pm)
July 25
1. Dona Zsori, BPL
2. Kathleen Hookham, ALS Retired
1. Jane Blackwood, BPL
2. Robin Haynes, BPL Friend
1. Jayme Anderson, MPL
2. Ashlee Kunkel, MPL
July 26
1. Kirsten Almo, EPL
2. Steve Platteter, ALS
1. ?__________________________
2. Maureen Birchfield, HPL
1. Pam Bell, OPL
2. René Bue, HPL
July 27
1. Jeni Schomber, BPL
2. Phil Schomber, HPL
1. Elizabeth Hough, HPL
2. Miss Hough, HPL Family
1. René Bue, HPL
2. Martha Gammons, ALS Retired
July 28
1. Kirsten Almo, EPL
2. Alicia Jacobsen, CPL
1. Chris Watson, MPL
2. Ash Watson, MPL Family
1. Sarah Strunz, OPL
2. ?__________________________
July 29
1. Marie Messinger, EFPL
2. ?__________________________
1. Deb Klenz, HPL
2. Chris Klenz, HPL Family
1. Marijka Bosma, CPL
2. Mary Beiber, CPL
July 30
1. Kirsten Almo, EPL
2. ?__________________________
1. Eileen Juhl, HPL
2. Alyssa Harrison, HPL Family

1. Anita Schultz, ALS
2. Bill Schultz, ALS Family